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  • EVAN BERG Producer / Singer / Songwriter
  • Biography

    In 2013, at 16 years old, Evan Berg started attending Scottsdale Community College (SCC) studying Audio Engineering and Music Business and released his first work; a self-titled 5 song E.P. Shortly after, the young singer/songwriter found himself building his roots by performing at venues all over the city. 3 years and hundreds of shows later, Evan has created a major local following with his high energy, catchy songs, and powerhouse vocals.
    As a budding producer, songwriter, and front man, Evan has grown his sound from an acoustic songwriter to a full production pop artist with his own unique sound blending up-beat rock with funk and EDM. After releasing his self recorded acoustic album, "Unplugged," Evan launched his first full production EP, "Keeping Cool" out of his home studio.

  • "Unplugged" Album Release Show

    What a night to remember! Truly one to put down in the books. After a good 4 hours of set-up, the work was over, and the fun began! Shawn Johnson kicked off the night with a killer solo-acoustic performance warming up the stage to a toasty 300 degrees. Then it was round 1 with my acoustic set performing the brand new album. After the acoustic set, Pride Through Strife came up and rocked out with their reggae-fused-rock and face-melting harmonies. For the finale of the night, it was the EB band and I rocking out our newer songs that are due to release later this summer. Along with the originals the night was not complete with some awesome jammin' covers such as Hot For Teacher, and Whole Lotta Love. To top it all off, this show landed on my father's birthday! Thank you so much to everyone who came out for this epic night! The turnout was amazing, and we sold out all of the CD's the first night!
     Special thanks to:
    - Dave Dion (For mixing, mastering, and the countless nights up until 3am getting sh*t done)
    - Robert Berg (My father, mentor, and best friend)
    - Justin Berg (For being my brother from another mother!)
    - Marechu C. Berg (For the SICK photos and your persistent positive energy)
    - Jason Weidman (For being the badass drummer and great friend that you are)
    - Shawn Johnson (For your continued support throughout the years)
    - Pride Through Strife (For the great times we've shared and your countless support)
    - Tim Fetting at Boondocks (For giving us an awesome place to rock out to our fans)
    - Everyone that came out to support my release party (Bart Ropers, Melissa Harrison, Fate Taylor, Mike Mahoney, Daveena Drowns, Stan Collins, Aaron Ricker, Amanda Loy, Asta Young, Ben Thurston, Craig Norman, Mark Bronson, Jim Kirchman, Aaron Biby, Talisa Suazo, Farah Naz, Big T and everyone else I didn't name.) Your support means the world to me! 

  • Open Jam in The Hall @ Pranksters Too

    Had a great time hosting our 2nd Sunday Open Jam at Pranksters Too! You never know what's gonna happen on these nights and it's that unpredictability that makes this jam so special. From Steve Miller, to Jet. From Warpigs, to Hot For Teacher. It's always a pleasure having these top notch guys join the band and I. Special shout-out to Bart Ropers (Top Right) for doing "Rebel Yell!" Thank you for everyone that came down to listen, and jam out. This night couldn't be made possible without all of you.
    - Also a special thank you my kick-ass front band (David Dion on bass, and Jason Wiedman on drums) for doing what you do best, every time!

  • Book Evan Berg

    Evan Berg Band Manager/Booking Agent is Robert Berg.
    Contact Robert Berg 480-584-2293 Robert@evanberg.com
    Evan Berg links

  • Valley Ho Pool Party

    Nothing says summer time like playing show at a pool party in your board shorts! Big shoutout to Mr. P Body for joining us on the drums for a song. Also a big shoutout to the group of guys who kept dropping $20s on the stage for us LOL. We played until the sun came down, and then we went down to Old Town Scottsdale to do a little promo for our big "Unplugged" album release show at Boondocks. Life is good! Thank you to all who came out to see us!

123 Belleview St. Unit 1
Scottsdale, AZ. 89109

Phone: (408) 204-1492
Fax:(508) 658-0297

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