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What is R. O. A. Magazine LIVE ?

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Five reasons for live-streaming Rock Over America podcast
1.Consistency and accountability
2.Bonus experience and content for attendees
3.Direct interaction with our listeners
4.Community-building interaction among our listeners
5.Improves our content

Live Radio software allows R.O.A. to host a live internet talk radio or music show complete with play list support, inline CD ripping, MP3 uploading, commercials and other pre-recorded content.

And of course, YouTube- Out of all of the methods I have tried, YouTube presents the simplest way of putting your videos on the web.

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About the author, Kelly Gian

ImageKelly Gian is part owner of www.rockoveramerica.com.  She also took on
the roles of R.O.A. Mag developer and designer for the new interface.

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